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Красивые поздравления с Пасхой на английском

Time has come to celebrate!
Please come over, don’t be late,
Easter’s coming, on the way,
It will be a happy day.

Chocolate eggs and tasty food,
Friends from all the neighborhood,
Have some real fun this time,
Easter gives you its enzyme!

"Стихи с Пасхой на английском"

Easter beauty, harmony and love…
Father God had sent us from above
Only son of his. So let’s begin
To forgive each other every sin.

Dear Lord, please help to understand –
You’re the only one who holds my hand,
Let this Easter give us happy days,
Show the best and everlasting ways!

Пасхальные поздравления в стихах на английском

This day will bring you happy mood,
And dishes with delicious food.
And kids are laughing all day long –
They play and run, and Easter song

Will lead your soul to magic place,
You’ll find smile on your face.
The Lord just touched you, feel it now,
And stay him in your soul allow!

"Поздравление с Пасхой на английском"

What a happy Easter day!
Let your fears go away,
Eat and drink, and have some fun
Under yellow Easter sun.

Wish you happiness today,
Let good luck be on your way,
Beauty, love and cheerful smile
Will be here for a while!

Смс поздравления с Пасхой на английском языке

I wish you happiness and love,
To be forever young and healthy,
And other good important stuff,
Like being cheerful, fun and wealthy.

This Easter day is such a gift!
It brings a lot of inspiration,
So don’t you ever go adrift –
I wish you luck and motivation!

"Английские поздравления с Пасхой"

This Easter is a magic day,
It helps you to believe today
That God has plan for all of us,
With is we can just grab the stars,

And every single human, man,
Just has to follow simple plan –
To help each other when we can,
The world will be amazing than!